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5 Reasons why a Naturopath is vital in your journey to clear and healthy skin!

Naturopaths can help treat acute and chronic health complaints, they can also work on optimising your inner health, but did you know they can optimise your skin health too? Preventing skin issues before they even start!

This is done by taking a look at your body from the ‘inside out’ and looking at how your diet and lifestyle are impacting your body and its ability to function properly, produce healthy skin calls and heal itself.

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Here’s five important ways a Naturopath (also see Face Fit’s available Naturpathic Consultations) can help you achieve the skin health results you desire:


1. Treat the Underlying Cause

Naturopaths are great at finding and treating the underlying causes of your skin problems. We are like detectives and aim to seek out WHAT is actually happening and causing your acne/skin condition in the first place and what has led your skin to react the way it has. Once we have this knowledge, treatment can be a lot more specific, effective and successful. Starting right can save you a lot of trial and error.


2. Educate and Empower You

Our aim as your Naturopath is to educate and help you understand what is driving your skin condition, so you can really understand why you are experiencing these symptoms and empower you to see that you can achieve optimal health for your body and skin. We work with you to help you make necessary changes to your diet and lifestyle that could be contributing to your skin complaint. Most importantly, we support you every step of the way!


3. Discover and Minimise Your Triggers

We help you identify your main triggers for your skin complaint. Whether that be stress, diet, or other lifestyle factors. Once we have identified these, we can help you minimise triggers so that flare-ups are more manageable and you understand what unique triggers you may have to be aware of.


4. Maintain Your Results

Once we improve your skin, our job is to help you maintain your results and prevent future flare ups (as much as we can). Treatment of skin issues often involves addressing other aspects of your health, such as your digestive health. Therefore, we continue to work on these areas to maintain continued and long lasting improvements.


5.Improve Your Health Overall Wellbeing

One of the most beneficial reasons to see a Naturopath is that we help to improve your quality of health and wellbeing overall! Naturopaths often see patients for one problem, such as acne, eczema and reactive skin but through our treatment end up improving our patients confidence, energy levels, wellbeing and happiness! As well as educating and empowering them in their day-to day life!


Meet Face Fit’s Naturopath

Evie - NaturopathSay hello to Evie. Evie joined the Face Fit team in 2022 as our beautiful Clinical Naturopath. She holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy and since beginning her career has gained a wealth of experience treating and supporting patients with a multitude of health complaints.

Evie is very passionate about the ‘why’ to your skin issues and ill health and treating skin conditions from the ‘inside out’, to help her patients get long term results and feel supported along the way.

Evie’s patients love that she takes all areas of their health and wellbeing into consideration and gently supports their body back into balance. Using the very best in evidence based Naturopathic treatments, this is achieved with clinical testing, dietary/lifestyle recommendations, and herbal and nutritional medicine.

Evie has a special interest in treating skin issues such as acne, from her own experience dealing with acne – therefore understands the impact it has on patients confidence and wellbeing.

Growing up in Melbourne, Evie relocated to the Gold Coast early 2022 for a new adventure! When Evie is not working with patients and interpreting blood test results, she is out in nature, hiking, camping, surfing, or relaxing at home with her friends and family, making delicious meals!

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