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Pucker up ladies, let’s discuss the benefits of lip enhancement!

Our lips are up there as one of the most prominent features on our face, so naturally we want them to look their best. Todays tools and methods for lip augmentation have progressed to a point where practically everything can be reversed and, with minimal risk of allergic reaction, especially when it comes to enhancement, you really have nothing to lose!!

Here are five amazing positives about creating the perfect pout!


We’ve been told over and over about the importance of hydration for our skin; drinking our 3L of water a day, moisturising, lip balms etc, but did you know that lip augmentation can save those dry, flaky, chapped chops? Let me explain further, our lips (unlike the rest of our face) don’t have sebaceous glands, this means that no natural oils are released through the lips to moisturise. Hyaluronic acids absorb fluid into the tissues, allowing hydration which counteracts dry lips. We can’t be the only ones with a collection of matt lipsticks we’ve realised our lips cannot handle?! Just imagine the possibilities once we have lusciously hydrated lips.

Symmetrical balance

No one has perfectly symmetrical lips but if you were born with a pronounced unevenness that bothers you or have had an accident we can help! We’ve got your back, after all correcting uneven lips and creating a more balanced symmetry is what we do every day.

Volume, Volume, Volume!

For all those ladies seeking a little volume our experienced and trusted practitioners have a keen aesthetic eye and with your desired result in mind, will provide their expertise when recommending the how much and the how frequent? We encourage easing into enhancing and always maintain proportion and balance creating natural results leaving you looking face fit without ever looking overfilled.

The Cupid’s bow speaks volumes

A rare few are blessed with a little bow on their lip so perfect that cupid himself should permanently take residence, for the rest of us mere mortals we can thank the gods we have the option of lip enhancers!!! Whether you have always wanted to accentuated your cupids bow or the years have changed that bow you once loved, we’re here for you!

Smooth away those pesky fine lines

The colloquial term being smoker’s lines however, contrary to popular belief the assumption that these lines belong only to smokers is definitely not the case. Vertical lip lines actually appear above the lip in time on most of us! Eeeekkk! Luckily we have the solution, you guessed it, lip enhancers create a smother, more youthful appearance so there’s no need to stress.


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