For the Virgins of Cosmetic Treatments: We answer your most frequently asked questions!

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge but still have a few probes poking around up there. Don’t worry honeys, we’ve got you! Regardless of the fact that Cosmetic Injectables is non-invasive with little to zero downtime, there is still a needle involved, there are horror stories that circulate and we are here to clear up any anxieties you have before you book your first treatment!

The pain game, will it hurt? 

Obviously, we all have a different pain threshold, where some of us are made of marble, the rest of us can be delicate flowers. Thank god for numbing solutions, this is a game changer people! Whatever the case, in the hands of our talented and experienced technicians we can assure you that any pain experienced will be minimal.

The Face Fit Clinic work with a premium numbing solution designed to take the edge off even the most fragile of faces.

Downtime, will I have to go into hiding?  

With a million things to get done in a day and barely enough time to scratch our heads who can afford to be out of the game for even a minute? Not us that’s for sure! In some instances, signs of minimal bruising may be present however, this is nothing a little concealer can’t hide (love that!). So, the good news is…no real downtime! You heard right, you’ll be walking straight out of your appointment looking Face Fit and charging on with the rest of your day.

Results, how long will they last?

There are very few things in life that are permanent and cosmetic enhancers are no exception to this rule. Being the fantastic individuals we are we must take into consideration how each different body will metabolise the product differently because of this, results will vary from each beauty to the next. Our product is the highest of quality ensuring you get bang for your buck when it comes to lasting results.

Depending on the product, results can last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years!

Units, Mils, how much will I need?

Who wants to figure our measurements, like ever!? Luckily, we’ve got the procedural aspects covered. Our highly skilled Injectors will assess the correct amount of product to help achieve what will work best for each individual. All the while keeping your personal desired result in mind, helping you look and feel your best version yet.

There we have it, five of the most frequently asked questions answered. Phewwww there really is nothing to fear!! We’re always jut a phone call away for any other questions that may be ticking through your mind or for booking an appointment and taking your treatment virginity!

Contact the team at Face Fit to learn more.

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