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New To Cosmetic Treatments? We Answer Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

It’s hard to ignore the wonderful before and after images from stunningly executed Cosmetic Treatments. The results will typically speak for the talent of a Cosmetic Nurse and can certainly spark interest into the procedures available. Of course, for many, Cosmetic Injectables Treatment is a relatively new experience and fear on the unknown can certainly set in.  

Our Gold Coast Clinic plays host to many first timers’ Cosmetic experiences. We understand that that first appointment comes with apprehension, nervousness and plenty of questions for your Cosmetic Nurse. At Face Fit, we take the time to ease the nerves and educate each client, to ensure they have all the information and understand what they can expect in their treatment.

We answer your most Frequently Asked Questions:

Do Cosmetic Injectables Hurt?


Obviously, we all have a different pain threshold, where some of us are made of marble, the rest of us can be more susceptible to pain or discomfort. At our Gold Coast Clinic, we are armed with a medical grade numbing solution to ensure that any discomfort experienced throughout your Treatment is minimal. Our Nurses will administer the solution prior to your treatment and allow sufficient time for the effects to be felt.

The Face Fit Clinic work with a premium numbing solution designed to take the edge off even the most fragile of faces.

Can I Go To Work After Cosmetic Injectables? What is the Downtime?


A question regularly asked of our Nurses is if there is any downtime required?

Many Cosmetic Treatments are quick, relatively comfortable and require little to no downtime.

Something to note, is the occurrence of possible bruising. Bruising will vary from Client to Client. Depending on the area, the treatment and the individual will determine the visibility of possible bruising. For some, bruising can be evident straight away, for other it may not eventuate at all. If bruising does occur it will typically be mild and easily covered with a full coverage foundation.

For those who have a special occasion such as a birthday, photoshoot or intend on being married, this will need to be taken into consideration.

Results, how long will they last?

There are very few things in life that are permanent and cosmetic enhancers are no exception to this rule. The longevity of your results will determine on the individual. Each person and each body will metabolise the product differently and because of this, results will vary from each Client to the next.

At Face Fit, we work with only the highest quality product available. This will add to the lifespan of your results, but your genetic makeup will be the true dictator for just how long.

Depending on the product, results can last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years!

How Much Product Will I Need?


At Face Fit, we specialise in achieving natural, yet noticeable results. We aim to produce a beautiful appearance using only what is necessary to achieve the look you desire. Our highly skilled Injectors will assess the correct amount of product to help achieve what will work best for everyone.

The amount of product used in each appointment, looks different on everyone. For example, 1ml of Filler may look quite voluminous on one client and incredible natural on another. In your appointment, your Nurse will work with you to create a look you’ll love.

If you have any further questions regarding Cosmetic Injectables, please do not hesitate to contact our team.



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