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Client Story: Lips Lips Lips


Even as a confident young woman it can be difficult to not fixate and pick at your own flaws.

We all have those one or two aspects of our physical appearance that we perhaps wish we could adjust.

Thank god we live in a day and age where that has become possible. I have been self-conscious about my small lips since before Kylie Jenner set the mould with hers.

Studying make-up in my early 20’s I would constantly be overdrawing my lips to help create that fuller look.

In addition to wishing myself a plumper pout, I somehow seemed to always have dry flaky lips, regardless of all the lip balm in smothered them in they were a stubborn force and remained as dry as ever.

I had toyed with the idea of proceeding down the injectable path, however…

Was reluctant due perhaps to the stigma attached and the idea that I would come out of it looking like a plastic version of myself.

After much research, consulting friends who had only positive stories about their experiences and a “what have I got to lose” perspective, I took the plunge and went to the needle.


Face Fit was recommended to me by a friend; she had insisted that their professionalism, skills and prices were in a league of their own.

I was not disappointed! Firstly, let me just say that I can be extremely picky when it comes to beauty, I operate on a basis that anybody touching my skin or hair absolutely MUST be someone I feel I can trust completely.

My girlfriend accompanied me to the clinic as I was a little nervous to face the needle solo, however from the moment I walked into the Face Fit clinic I felt so at ease that her presence wasn’t really necessary.

As I chatted away with the reception staff I felt as though I could be talking with a girlfriend over coffee.

After the completion of some paperwork, I proceeded into the treatment room with Nurse Brooke.

We had a little chat about fillers and she assessed my lips, as Face Fit is a clinic with nurses that take their level of care above and beyond, Nurse Brook called their clinic doctor and I had a chat with him over facetime to further ensure that I am a viable candidate for treatment and provide me with any additional information.

After all the formalities we were underway. I had a numbing solution as a pain preventative.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel a thing, you are definitely aware that a needle is coming at your face and you can feel it, though I wouldn’t call it painful, more just a slightly uncomfortable feeling.

The immediate results I saw when Nurse Brooke handed me the mirror to glimpse my new perfect pout were amazing!

My lips looked incredible and I was so instantly happy.

If I’m completely honest with you, for the next three days I could not stop looking at them, I just could not believe that they were the same lips that I had once considered a flaw!!!


The days following my treatment I noticed some minor bruising, when I say minor I mean I was an inch away from the mirror looking for it in order to see it.

Everybody’s body is different so my results can’t be expected on everyone, I understand that. Though I do usually bruise easily, with this in mind all I can think is that it must have been the magic touch of Nurse Brooke.

My lips were slightly swollen however when I say there was no pain following the treatment, I mean not one bit!!

My lips were no longer dry, flaky and thin. They were everything I had always wished they would be.

The whole experience was seamless and I cannot believe it took me this long to get the courage to try it out. Safe to say I won’t ever be looking back. I now feel so much more confident in myself and love my new lips!!


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