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Fat Dissolving Treatment: Goodbye Double Chin

You know the frustration well, you see it every time you look at a photo of yourself. Pointing it out, poking at it, wishing it would disappear. The double chin, the gobble, the turkey neck, THE FAT THAT WON’T BUDGE! Can we get an Amen! You are not alone!

Let’s make this clear, although often associated with weight gain, you do not have to be overweight to have a double chin. Submental fat below the chin can be caused by aging, genetics and even poor posture.

But before you get out the tennis ball to begin those neck exercises you saw on YouTube we have a solution and it doesn’t involve a gym membership (or a tennis ball). Fat Dissolving Injections ARE REAL, they are taking the industry by storm and they are available at Face Fit. IF YOU CAN GRAB IT, YOU CAN JAB IT!

What are Fat Dissolving Injections and What’s Involved?

Fat Dissolving Injections is a non-surgical Cosmetic Treatment targeting and eliminating excess fat under the chin. The treatment dissolves fat around the jawline, neck and under the chin sculpting the face which will not only improve your overall look but minimise the signs of aging. The product used contains an active ingredient identical to the substance that naturally occurs in the body which breaks down fat. The compound breaks down the fat cells which the body then absorbs and excretes (WHO’S EXCITED?).

Beauty is pain as the saying goes but in this case a numbing solution will be applied to the patient to ensure minimal discomfort. From there, the RN will mark out placement for the injections. The amount of injections with vary from face to face based on severity but you could usually expect between 20 and 40 injections (basically a human pin cushion but it’s worth it – we assure you). Once completed, the body begins to break down and metabolise the fat.

Recovery and Results?

We all have various pain thresholds and the discomfort associated with Cosmetic Injectables is no exception. Although the procedure may be relatively quick and pain minimal, it is common to experience bruising and swelling post treatment. Nothing a turtle neck can’t hide.

Patients will begin to see results 4 to 8 weeks after their initial treatment revealing a more defined and sculpted lower face. Depending on the severity of the submental fat, a second treatment may be required to achieve the best possible result.

Here is the great news! The fat cells that are broken down and have dissolved have no possibility of regenerating which means your results are long lasting and providing you are planning excessive weight gain, results can be permanent!

Fat Dissolving Injections are now available at Face Fit. We recommend scheduling a no obligation free consultation to ensure that you are a viable candidate for the procedure. Contact Face Fit to learn more about this miracle treatment and how Fat Dissolving Injections can help YOU!


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