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It goes without saying that when you look good, you feel good. We all want to move closer to a happier version of ourselves. Improving our appearance is one aspect of achieving this goal. Face Fit injectables Arundel can help you create your desired look. From day one, we take care of you as we would a friend or family member. The journey starts with an initial assessment of your skin. Then we create a personally tailored treatment plan just for you. We carry out your skin treatments at a time that suits you. You’ll see the results of your injectables from the second you leave. From there, we remain an ongoing part of your skin care regime.

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Never been in before? Don’t worry – you’re in safe hands. Our Arundel injectables nurses have over 20 years experience of registered experience. You can relax knowing your face is in safe hands with the Facefit team.


If you’ve never had injectables before, we understand that you may have some questions. Let us know them through the form below – we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Ready To Radiate With Confidence?

If you’re not still happy with your current appearance, your local Arundel Injectables clinic can help. As the human body ages there’s loss of collagen, and other youthful chemicals in our body. This makes our face hollow out, which makes us look older. 

Other factors that speed up the ageing process are the sun, as well as toxins in the air. All of these things introduce frown lines, deep wrinkles and furrows on our face. Facefit Injectables Arundel can transform your tired look, without having to resort to a facelift.

How should dermal fillers be used?

Lost volume in your face getting you down?. Unfortunately, this is a natural part of the ageing process that increases as we enter our 30’s. We become a shadow of the rosy-cheek young girl we once were. But there’s a solution – dermal fillers. 

Your local Arundel Injectables clinic will help add shape and definition to your face. We’ll also specifically help with diminishing fine and deep-set lines. Lip injections are a specific type of dermal filler that give you fuller lips. Dermal fillers are a non-invasive way to help you start looking and feeling younger, in no time at all.

Anti Wrinkle Arundel
Absolutely love this place and the girls even more.... Greeted with the most amazing welcome I felt comfortable from start to finish. Simone is unreal so professional and extremely knowledgeable, I just can’t thank her enough she has made me feel like a million dollars. I just can’t believe I didn’t find you ladies sooner. You have me for life xxx
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Why should you get anti wrinkle injections?

One of the problems with wrinkles on your face is the angry expression it gives you. While some males may enjoy having the “hard” masculine look… Other males and females would prefer to have a friendlier appearance. Facefit Injectables Arundel can help you to soften your expression, so that you don’t constantly look like you got up on the wrong side of the bed. 

Anti wrinkle injections relax the muscles in your face, giving you a happier expression. This allows you to give the right first impression in your professional and personal life.

Skin treatments other than injectables Arundel

Are you considering getting skin treatments for yourself? Or do you want to gift microdermabrasion to a friend? Getting treatments for your skin aren’t only refreshing… They also help your whole body relax and unwind. Have peace of mind knowing Face Fit equipment and processes are medical grade. 

Face Fit provide skin treatments other than injectables Arundel, including: Medi facials Skin peels Skin needling So whether you just want a simple skin peel or facial to revive your skin… Or you want the more invigorating experience that comes with skin needling… Face Fit are the beauty clinic to see for all your skin treatment needs.

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Always keep your safety in mind when getting injectables in Arundel

Face Fit are beauty team that promise to always listen and care. You’ll receive a complimentary initial consultation for your Arundel injectables. Each member of our staff specialises in a specific area of injectables, with their own signature treatments. 

There’s also a registered nurse on the team. Choosing an ethical beauty clinic is crucial when getting injectables Arundel. If you want to be happy with your results, go straight to a cosmetic clinic that cares. 

Call Face Fit on (07) 5571 0791 to book an appointment for an initial free consultation today.


If you’re ready to take that first step towards looking and feeling great, contact us through one of the methods below.