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Managing Hormonal Breakouts – Ash’s Skin Journey

Thank you to Face Fit patient, Ash for allowing us to share her skin health journey with you.  


A Case Study – Managing Hormonal Breakouts with Face Fit

Name: Ash McConnell

Age: 32

Gender: Female

Ash is a 32-year-old female and has always struggled with skin congestion and hormonal breakouts, particularly around her jawline, chin, and mouth. Despite her skin being naturally oily, she also experiences significant dehydration due to her fear of using moisturisers or anything that would ‘add to the oiliness’. Ash began her journey with Face Fit as an injectables client four years ago and intermittently used their skincare range for three years. However, it was only in the past 12 months that she made a firm commitment to prioritise her skin health, recognising it as a necessity rather than a luxury.


Managing Hormonal Breakouts with Face Fit - Ash's before and after photo

Skin Concerns

  • Skin congestion
  • Hormonal breakouts around jawline, chin, and mouth
  • Oily skin prone to dehydration


Face Fit’s Approach

Hannah has been working consistently with Ash for 12 months, personalising and adjusting her treatment plan to suit her skin – including through seasonal changes. With regular analysis of Ash’s skin, Hannah prescribes in-clinic treatments and skincare products with Ash’s skin concerns in mind. Throughout her time with Hannah, Ash has tried the lactic peel, LED therapy, HydraFacial, and signature facials, all of which were customised to address Ash’s skin. Her skin has improved dramatically since.


Skincare Routine and Products

Inspired by her positive experiences with Face Fit and guided by the advice of Hannah, Ash adopted a consistent skincare routine. Her current skincare regimen consists of the following products from Face Fit:

Aspect Dr Mild Clean: A gentle cleanser designed to effectively cleanse the skin without stripping it of essential moisture.

Exfol A: A specialised exfoliating product containing retinol, aimed at promoting cellular turnover and reducing congestion and breakouts.

Multi B Plus: A potent blend of B vitamins and antioxidants to hydrate and nourish the skin, helping to maintain its health and vitality.

Problem Skin: A targeted product formulated to address specific skin concerns associated with breakouts, including blemishes, excess oil, and inflammation.

Hydra Shield: A hydrating moisturiser designed to replenish moisture levels and restore the skin’s natural barrier, thus combating dehydration and supporting overall skin health.


Results and Transformation

Through her consistent investment in monthly skin treatments and following Hannah’s expert advice regarding product selection between appointments, Ash has seen huge improvement in her skin’s condition.

While occasional breakouts still occur, they are significantly less severe than before, which has greatly boosted Ash’s confidence and overall well-being. Her skin now feels healthier, smoother, and more hydrated than it did in her 20s, a testament to the effectiveness of her skincare journey with Face Fit.


A note from the patient

I always saw Facials as a treat. Something you only had when you got a voucher to a spa for a birthday or Christmas.

While I have always loved Face Fit for injectables, I had never considered how regular skincare treatments could also improve my skin, and my confidence. Happy to invest in injectables but disregarded the idea of investing in ‘healthy’ skin.

Before making a decision to commit to regular professional treatments and invest in the right products, I was barely making it to mid-morning before my makeup had slid off my face, and the breakouts I would experience during my period or during stress would spread when I tried to ‘manage them’ myself.

Since my initial skin consultation until now, I have learned so much about my skin and what it needs. Because I have seen such incredible results, I wholeheartedly trust everything Hannah tells me, and she has never steered me wrong. My oil is regulated, my breakouts have minimised, and my skin looks better today than it did in my 20s.

Thank you Face Fit!




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