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The Science Of Your Skin Episode 1: The Effects of UV Rays

The science of your skin. Remember, you’re in it for life!

This month our goal is to hit you with some harsh truths about the science behind sun damage and what it is doing to your skin.

We’re breaking it down into a three-part series, starting with the effects of UV rays on your skin.

For all of you who avidly read our blogs, you will know the importance we place on skincare at Face Fit. For the newcomers, heads up, we believe and preach the undeniable importance of taking care of your skin!

After all, you wear your skin for life…

We have discussed in the past how important home care is to your skin, today we want to dive a little deeper, exposing what really goes on under the surface when our skin is exposed to that sunshine we all lust over.

First things first, we’re going to break down some information regarding ultraviolet rays. There are three forms of ultraviolet rays, UVC, UVB & UVA. UV rays are a higher energy form of visible light, this higher energy is what makes UV sunlight damaging to our cells and tissues.

UV light damages our skin when we absorb it at the molecular level, one electron at a time.

Upon the absorption of UV light, an electron goes into a higher energy state. This super energised electron, in turn, affects the behaviour of the molecule creating abnormal cell behaviour which leaves it sticking to things it shouldn’t, alters its shape and in general just plain messes with normal healthy cell performance.

So what effect does this have on our skin?

Thanks to the wonder of evolution, our cells are naturally capable of repairing UV radiation damage, though like anything these cells have their limits.

When enough damage takes place our cells capacity to repair is hindered and we are left with unwanted side effects such as weathered skin, pigmentation and even skin cancer.

Just like an onion, we all have layers,

(we are not talking emotionally here)

We are of course referring your skin.

The three layers of the skin, starting from the outer layer, are the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis.

Going back to our different types of UV rays, there are only two that we need to worry about, UVB and UVA. UVB rays cause is responsible for causing sunburn, thickening and darkening of the epidermis layer of skin (your outer layer) and UVA rays penetrate through to the dermis layer (middle layer), causing ageing.

Don’t be underestimating the power & strength of these UV rays, UVA can penetrate through glass, meaning that while you’re driving along, blasting your air-conditioning (& favourite beats), those nasty rays are still damaging your skin!

Both UVA and UVB radiation can cause many skin-related abnormalities, including wrinkles, aging-related disorders, skin cancer, and a diminished immunity to infection.

It is believed that due to the breakdown of collagen and formation of free radical’s interference with DNA repair on the molecular level occurs.

Stay tuned for episode 2 next week, where we will divulge into some of the many options for protection that we provide at Face Fit.

In the meantime,

contact our team for any further questions or queries you have regarding all skincare.


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