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Anti-Wrinkle Injections Side Effects

Anti-Wrinkle Injections Side Effects  

Anti-wrinkle injections are a wonderful way to help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles on your face and bring out your inner youth. As with any medical treatment, there are some anti-wrinkle injections side effects that you should be aware of before consenting to treatment.   

As we age, our skin begins to crease and wrinkle thanks to years of use. Smiling, frowning, laughing, squinting; all these facial expressions take a toll on the integrity of our face and skin.  

With the help of dedicated and professional anti-wrinkle injection specialists like the ones at Face Fit Gold Coast, you can look and feel your best.  

We help you to re-discover your inner youth by making your appearance on the outside match the way you feel on the inside. Let us help you glow and exude confidence! 

As experts in the skincare industry, we offer a full range of facial treatments, but we specialise in the following; anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, and advanced skin care. We work together with you to find the perfect treatment.  

What are Anti-Wrinkle Injections?  

Anti-wrinkle injections most commonly use a serum called botulinum toxin to relax the muscles in the area where the injection is targeting. When the muscles relax, the fine lines and wrinkles are no longer able to show because the movements that create them are stalled.  

The most commonly treated areas are frown lines, surprise lines, crows’ feet, corners of the mouth, chin, brows and upper lip.  

Anti-Wrinkle Injections Side Effects 

If you are considering anti-wrinkle injections, it is important to be completely informed about the potential side effects you can experience as a result of the treatment.  

The good news is that the possible anti-wrinkle injections side effects are temporary and usually limited to the area of the injection site.  

Some of the most common temporary side effects are:  

  • Drooping of the eyelids (very rare)
  • A headache 
  • Bruising 
  • Face pain 
  • Redness 
  • Swelling 
  • Muscle weakness 
  • Nausea 

In some very rare cases, the anti-wrinkle injections side effects can spread to other areas and cause more serious complications. These complications could include; trouble swallowing, speaking or breathing due to the weakening of muscles. These serious complications usually only occur when using a large dose of botulinum toxin.  

As with any medical treatment, consulting with a professional and being informed of potential risks and side effects is the best way to be sure that you are prepared for your first injection.  

Positive Ant-Wrinkle Injections Side Effects 

It is important to remember that not all side effects are negative! The positive benefits you will reap from muscle-relaxing injections are many.  

Your youthful appearance will help you to radiate confidence everywhere you go. Our clients report that their self-esteem rises exponentially when they maintain their anti-wrinkle injections.  

With muscle-relaxing treatments, you have the ability to eliminate the problem areas that you feel most self-conscious about so that you can look and feel your best every day.  

The team at Face Fit is here to help you find the perfect anti-wrinkle treatment to bring out your inner youth!  


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