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Face Fit Does Iso: Your Isolation Self Care Survival Guide

Face Fit Does Isolation: Your Self Care Survival Guide

While we may be on a temporary hiatus from our typical day-to-day, there should not be a lapse in our self-care. We share our top tips for self-care and surviving isolation.

  • Begin A Comprehensive Skin Care Regime

While we had high hopes for clearer more radiant skin from lack of excessive makeup application and exposure to daily pollutants, we are afraid to inform that “iso-skin” is well and truly a reality for many of us. While we may be allowing our skin time to breathe, we are also facing new stressors, a shakeup in diet, exercise, and lifestyle which all subsequently take a considerable toll on our complexion. Quality Skin Care is important, now, more than ever before.

With so many products available, it can be overwhelming to understand what you need to implement. While you may be taking baby steps to a more comprehensive skin care plan, three items that should be in your bathroom are a cleanser, a serum, and a moisturiser.

At Face Fit, our Dermal Therapists are currently conducting free Skin Consultations over the phone to discuss your individual concerns, products and customise a solution to iso-skin so that when you return to the wild, you are glowing and Face Fit.

  • Stay Healthy

As tempting as it may be to succumb to days spent with Netflix and a bag of your go-to snacks, a sudden change to your diet can drastically impact your skin. Keep your skin glowing from the inside out and ensure you maintain healthy diet choices. In addition to aggravated skin, poor diet can also affect our body, our health, and our mindset.

While confinement may be taking its toll, we have also been gifted a little extra time to reacquaint ourselves with the kitchen. Spend time cooking meals, rich in nutrients, vegetables, good fats, and oils will help promote a healthy mind, body and skin.

  • Clean Your Makeup Brushes

For those that are typically time-poor may struggle to find an opportunity to clean makeup brushes. If you are looking for something to do, this monotonous task may be exactly what you need to pass the time and perhaps calm the mind.

Cleaning makeup brushes can be surprisingly therapeutic. In addition to providing something to do, cleaning your makeup brushes is also an essential part of keeping your skin free from harmful bacteria. Dirt and bacteria can build up in the fibres and be transferred to the skin and to your makeup. 

  • Mask, Mask, MASK

If there was ever a time for a Mask, this is it!

Create the ultimate facial experience at home and treat your skin to regular Mask applications. Your skin and your specific concerns will determine what Mask is right for you.

A Mask can deeply nourish your skin, improve the integrity of your skin, and help correct specific skin concerns. If you are looking to up the ante on your existing skin care regime, a Mask is a must-have.

Contact your Face Fit Dermal Therapist so that we can ensure you are implementing a Mask that will optimise your results.

  • Try a Detox

Ever wanted to do a Detox but worried that ridding your body of all those toxins will cause a breakout? Well, now is the perfect time to Detox!⁠

Working from home, cancelled plans and a very restricted social life means you can Detox without the fear of a full blown breakout.⁠

Whether you are new to the concept or not, you may discover that your skin can breakout during a detox. Do not be alarmed! This is a good sign and suggests that the detox is working, and the toxins are leaving the body. ⁠

The notion that your skin will get worse before it gets better can certainly be true. Rest assured that once your detox is complete and your body if free from toxins that linger in our system and your skin will be beautiful. Stick with it! ⁠

  • Spring Clean your Skin Care

Looking for the perfect way to pass the time? Clean out your cabinets and rid your shelves of any product that no longer serves your skin. Like most things, Skin Care has a shelf life and if you are not aware and using dribs and drabs of that moisturiser you have had since forever you could be doing more harm than good. 

If you have a stockpile of skin care products and you are not seeing results, it could be because they have passed their expiration date. It is time to empty the drawers and get educated on what you are applying to your skin.

Once products are oxidised (exposed to the air) many of the ingredients may break down causing the active ingredients to be less effective. This will mean that your at-home-beauty-regime will be virtually ineffective and you won’t be making improvements to the integrity of your skin.

Your skincare can also harbor nasty bacteria once it passes its shelf life. Bacteria can cause skin irritation, breakouts and completely undo the results you set out to achieve when you first purchased the product. Invisible bacteria can thrive in products past their prime, especially in hot, humid environments like your bathroom

  • Stick To Your Sun Protection

Those who have been rigorous with sticking to an SPF regimen are now questioning whether this still remains a necessity since we are barely leaving the home except for essential outings.⁠

Much of this depends on the individual, how you’re spending your time and what your home layout is like. You can still be exposed to harmful UV Rays through windows, while driving and even quick moments outside like hanging out washing. ⁠

Stay consistent with your SPF, even in Isolation.

  • Move Your Body

While our beloved Gyms may be temporarily closed, our bodies still need to move. Regular movement and activity are imperative to healthy bloody flow and circulation which in turn helps our skin and keeps us healthy.

It is also instrumental in maintaining a healthy headspace. With restrictions in day-to-day activities, finding a way to move our body each day is so important for our mental health. Walk, run, take your workout to a park or stretch.


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