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Five Ways to Protect Your Skin This Silly Season

Hello Bubbles and Fascinators, it’s the social season we’ve been waiting for all year! The beginning of September marks 4 months of nonstop social engagements, Spring racing, Christmas gatherings and endless indulging in delicious food.

Unfortunately, a combination of over indulging and all those late, late nights make fresh, dewy skin a near-impossible feat. Throw in one too many cocktails and shopping stress, and you’ve got yourself a veritable complexion crisis. With the sudden shock to the system, your busy schedule can be tumultuous for your skin meaning that extra attention must be paid to ensure you’re glowing for every event and special occasion all through the holiday season.

Here are our top tips to flawless skin for the festive season


We know, we sound like a broken record but one of the best ways to ensure a healthy complexion is a hydrated and healthy inside. Keep hydrated during party season. Not only will you be flushing out a built up of toxins brought on by one too many wines or a festive cocktail or two, but a good dose of H20 will also do wonders for your skin. Rid your body of toxins and stay hydrated, your skin will love you for it.


There’s nothing that screams festive season than balmy Summer days pool side (cocktail in hand of course) but while you’re building that perfect tan, you’re exposing your skin to harmful UV Rays which can result in dry, sun damaged skin all the while speeding up the aging process. Sun damaged skin can also leave your complexion dry, dull and blotchy.

Protect your skin this social season and slap on the SPF.


You’ve danced, sipped champagne and painted the town red; it’s no wonder you’re ready to collapse into a heap the moment you’re reunited with your bed, but before you do, remember to remove your makeup. Aside from staining beautiful bedding, residual makeup and foundation can clog your pores. Sleeping in your makeup can also promote bacterial infection, which lead to clogged pores, breakouts, redness and sensitivity.

Before bed, double cleanse. Once to gently remove excess makeup and twice to deep clean your skin. Follow up with a moisturisers to restore hydration and keep your skin balanced. You may not feel completely fresh the next morning but at least your skin will.

On the subject of bed, it’s also important to wash your pillow cases at least twice weekly, particularly in the warmer months. We sweat a lot more in Summer so despite your efforts to clean your face before your slumber, a dirty pillowcase can undo all your wonderful self-care.


When putting together your Christmas Wish List, don’t forget to include a few visits to your favourite Advanced Skin Specialist. While you may be doing a fabulous job with your at-home beauty regimen, a Facial is the sure-fire way to ensure your skin receives the love and care it needs to withstand the festive season. A Treatment will assist in bringing your skin back to life and its former glory, leaving no sign of late nights or overindulging. A deep clean, exfoliating facial is just what the doctor ordered to rid your skin of excess build up ensuring you maintain your Summer Glow.


We can use all the potions and lotions in the world to maintain balanced and healthy skin but sometimes it’s what’s happening on the inside that can affect what’s on the outside. Our gut health plays an enormous role in the integrity of our skin. Food, drink, lack of sleep are all contributing factors to problematic skin, particularly during the busiest time of year.

Be mindful of what you consume this silly season. Alcohol generally has a double impact on the skin. The first is dehydration. When your body is dehydrated, it will always send any remaining moisture to the internal organs, leaving the skin parched. If you’re drinking night after night, eventually the production of new skin cells will become compromised. The skin will then become irritated, blotchy and dry. Secondly, most alcohol is pretty high in sugar. Sugar causes inflammation in the body and in the skin. Then this inflammation causes collagen to break down and impedes cellular renewal, which will result in premature wrinkles and dull skin.

While we know overindulging is difficult to avoid over this time, a simple tip is to implement super foods, healthy fats and your greens. Just like mama says.


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