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I’m Peeling Delicious

We all know the satisfying feeling and softening results of a trusty old facial, however when it comes to correcting those stubborn skin problems sometimes that facial just won’t cut it.

We’re talking about, acne and acne scarring, uneven skin tones, pigmentation, sun damage and those dreaded signs of ageing.

Here to save face is skin peels!!!

First off, there are many different types of skin peels to suit all different skin types and skin concerns.

Think of it as a super exfoliation, a peel acts to remove dead skin cells allowing the growth of new healthier skin. The different acids in a peel permit ingredients to sink deeper into the skin than products used in your daily skincare routine.

Removing this top layer of dulling dead skin cells benefits the overall skin tone and texture.

Skin is left feeling and looking radiant, youthful, bright, and as if that isn’t enough, skin is now prepped and primed for future treatments, helping to provide noticeably superior results #youglowgirl.

Now let’s be honest here, yes, there can be elements discomfort, such as tingling or slight burning in the process of a peel.

Following the treatment, the skin may be sensitive, show signs of redness and will be vulnerable to external elements (sunscreen is a must!).

With some peels, actual peeling of the skin will occur whereas others will merely leave the skin appearing slightly sunburnt.

All in all, downtime will last anywhere from 3-6 days, though final results will have you flaunting a radiant glow.

At Face Fit we have an array of peels so we can be sure to find the perfect peel for your skin.

Our experienced nurses will assess your skin to develop a customised peel plan for you because treatments personalised to you will ensure optimum results are achieved and you deserve the best!

Varying skin peels start from antioxidant loaded, soothing, nourishing, medical grade Acid based peels, helping those with skin concerns regarding ageing, pigmentation, acne and hormonal skin challenges.

Those looking for a deeper skin peel, we have you sorted too!

Our deeply regenerating medical grade peels will work deeper to the more integral layers of the skin where long term progressive and intensive stimulation is needed.

Ladies, these peels are the real deal, helping to stimulate circulation which signals collagen production creating fuller and smoother skin!!

Finally, it’s time to announce our latest addition to the peel menu. Our newest peel which we just cannot get enough of is our VIPeel.

What an Ahhmazing peel this is!!! Suitable for all skin types this peel contains a synergistic blend of powerful ingredients, working to soften fine lines and wrinkles, restore a more even skin tone and smooth away rough skin YASSS GURL!

At Face Fit we offer no obligation free skin consultations so contact us to schedule your appointment!


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