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PRP and The Vampire Facial

Next on the Needling menu is the PRP (Protein Rich Plasma) facial! Hopefully you’ve had a read over our last blog taking you through the ins and outs of skin needling.

So what’s the difference between PRP and skin needling you ask? It’s quite simple really and what it comes down to is your commitment to achieving the that ‘next level’ of skin rejuvenation.

If you’re looking for undeniable, wow factor results with minimal downtime then read on!

PRP or as Kimmy K famously called it, the Vampire facial uses a micro-needling tool to inject blood (don’t worry, it’s your own blood) back into your face stimulating collagen production and elastin growth.

We know this all sounds a little scary so let’s talk about the procedure, downtime and whether or not it’s all worth it.

First off let’s have a quick overview of why this PRP we speak of is so great for your skin!

The protein-rich plasma contains platelets which contain high levels of growth factors, stimulating cell turnover when needled into the skin.

Now, what in the world is a platelet?

Platelets are the tiny blood cells which assist your body in forming clots to stop bleeding and work to repair damage, biology aye! Results will reduce fine lines and wrinkles, tighten and tone skin, brighten, minimise dark circles under the eyes, shrink pore appearance, repair acne scarring and rosacea.

The procedure first begins with a blood sample being taken from your arm, (No biggie! It’s just like a blood test at the doctor).

The PRP is then extracted from your blood sample creating the serum that will be used on your face.


Following this, a numbing solution will be applied to the face and neck (pain-free treatment, YES please!).  

Now that magic PRP serum created from your own blood is applied all over your face.

The only thing left to do know is needle and let all that PRP goodness into the skin.

This all does seem just a little technical however we pinky promise it is a lot less complicated than it sounds, we’re just getting a tad fancy with informing you on all the practical information.

All in all…

The time involved for the procedure is roughly 70 to 90 minutes with really no downtime.

Minimal pain is to be expected though sensations of tightness and the feeling of sunburn can occur.

Redness will be present due to broken blood vessels on the face with skin initially feeling quite dry. However, these effects will certainly not leave you housebound and are nothing a little foundation won’t hide.

Remember you will be in the hands of our trusty technicians who offer years of expert nursing experience and will always make you feel at ease.

Overall after 7 days, the results will speak for themselves!

Taking up to five years off your face and leaving your skin glowing and plump we can promise this treatment is the best way to refine and lift your skin in the most natural way possible.

Basically, ladies, if it’s good enough for Kimmy K

well, then it’s good enough for us.


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