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Client Story: No More Resting B**** Face


Everyone has their insecurities. Towards the top of a long list of imperfections was my deep-set frown lines or “elevens” as the kids are calling it these days.

This was something that I never thought would be a concern at the age of just 27.

Since my teenage years, I have always been asked: “Why are you so sad?” “What’s wrong?” “Are you mad at me?”

It became evident that I was sporting a very consistent “Resting Bitch Face” and no matter how hard I focussed on not scowling, I could feel my forehead sitting in a permanent frown, looking constantly irritable, worried and not at all reflecting my happy and vivacious personality.

During high school, the boys in the grade above me even nick-named me “Grumpy”, as if a hormonal teenage girl needed more reason to have a complex about her appearance.

Fast forward ten years and I am meeting with clients, having business lunches and constantly networking.

As the years have passed I have become increasingly conscious of the way I look when I am listening to people, trying my hardest not to glare at everyone that talks to me.

Silly as it may sound, I would find myself concentrating on my facial expressions rather than what was being spoken about. To some, a small issue, but to me something I desperately wanted to fix.


Nervous as anything (and not to mention, absolutely terrified of needles), I found myself in the waiting room of the Face Fit Clinic.

I had never undergone any form of Cosmetic Treatment, other than one very uncomfortable Microdermabrasion.

With sweaty palms and irrational nervousness I put on a brave face and walked in. A very welcoming Eva greeted me at the door and I instantly felt at ease. While I completed my form, she assured me that everything would be fine, I wouldn’t feel a thing and I would become absolutely obsessed with Cosmetic Injectables (HA, yeah right).

Hanging out in the waiting room felt like coffee with the girls. I could have laughed and joked with the Face Fit ladies all day and I almost forgot I was about to be turned into a human pin cushion.

Nurse Brooke called my name and walked me into the treatment room.

I sat on the bed taking in my surroundings. Everything looked so clinical. Nurse Brooke accessed my face, asking me to “look up, look down, raise brows, and frown”. We laughed at how uncoordinated I was, and then it was back to business.

Nurse Brooke sat down beside me and went through all the details. She explained in depth what product she would be using, she explained where she would be placing the product and why she also explained to me the possible risks involved.

She called the Doctor for a face-to-face so that he could confirm the go-ahead (a standard procedure for first timers so ensure I felt comfortable with the information I had received and whether I was a viable candidate for the treatment – totally reassuring btw).

I was given a squishy ball to release my nervous energy and treatment began.

Why was I so nervous?! I had worked myself up into such a frenzy that I almost laughed out loud because it was so much easier than anticipated. Nurse Brooke was so gentle and the only discomfort I felt was when the product was being placed above my eyebrows.

There was also a very mild sting from the Saline Solution content in the product.

The treatment was also over before I knew it, 15 minutes to be exact – Like a coffee break, but better. Nurse Brooke told me that the results would take effect within 3-5 days.


Fast-forward three days. I woke up, looked in the mirror and pulled the most exaggerated scowl I could. Nothing!

The pillowy mass of skin that would build up above the bridge of my nose was gone.

The crow’s feet from frequent squinting were gone. My enormous frown GONE!

My bitchy expression had been completely eradicated in a 15 minute Face Fit Treatment. How had I not done this sooner!? My partner joked about the fact that I wouldn’t be able to look angry at him anymore – WIN WIN for everyone right?!

The treatment made me feel instantly confident.

I can now sit across from someone without them thinking that I hate them with the fire of a thousand suns.

Like most things in life, Anti-Wrinkle treatment is not permanent, but mark my words (and as Eva assured me) I will be back!


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