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Back to Basics: Cleanse, then cleanse again

Back to Basics: Cleanse, then cleanse again Continuing with our theme this month, we want to offer a little info for our beauties on the ins and outs of cleansing; Why we need to cleanse? What is double cleansing? The Don’ts? What product is best for your skin type? Basic but necessary questions when thinking

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Dermal Fillers Before and After

It starts out a day like any other, but when you look in the mirror you realize that your face has begun to lose volume, there are lines and wrinkles in new places, and you are starting to look older than you are. We’ve all been there.   The good news is, you don’t have to accept these undesirable

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How Long Do Dermal Fillers Last?

This is one of the most common questions we hear at Face Fit. The answer may be a bit more complicated than most patients expect, because, as we explain to our patients, maintenance treatments have the ability to extend the results indefinitely.   There are several factors that play a role in a filler’s longevity, including the filler’s material, consistency and the

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Lip Injections Before and After

One of the fastest growing trends, largely thanks to celebrities, is lip augmentation through lip injections. No one wants to have thin, unattractive lips.   Luckily, if you weren’t born blessed with full, luscious lips, you can help enhance them through clinically proven lip injections.   While thin lips are considered unattractive, so are overly plump and

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Young woman receiving dermal fillers in clinic

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Smooth skin, plump lips and full cheeks: Some people have all this naturally, while others need to get a little help from dermal fillers.   If you can’t quite tell which category a celebrity or someone you know fits into, that’s the point. Dermal fillers are easy to get, affordable, long lasting and designed to give subtle

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Young gorgeous girl with beautiful skin

What Are Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

What Are Anti-Wrinkle Injections?   With injectable anti-wrinkle injections on the rise, it has many people questioning exactly what are anti-wrinkle injections and are they a good match for me.   If you are considering having anti-wrinkle injections, here is everything you need to know before you schedule a consultation.   What Are Anti-Wrinkle Injections?   There are a couple of

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Anti-Wrinkle Injections Side Effects

Anti-Wrinkle Injections Side Effects   Anti-wrinkle injections are a wonderful way to help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles on your face and bring out your inner youth. As with any medical treatment, there are some anti-wrinkle injections side effects that you should be aware of before consenting to treatment.    As we age, our skin

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Before and After Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Before and After Anti-Wrinkle Injections  While it’s true that the marks of time add some character to your face, some lines are not so attractive and can benefit from anti-wrinkle injections.   Fillers and other cosmetic injectables have become increasingly popular over the past few years for their ability to minimize or erase the signs of ageing. Some

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How Long Do Anti-Wrinkle Injections Last

How Long Do Anti-Wrinkle Injections Last  If you are considering anti-wrinkle injections to reduce the look of fine line and wrinkles, you likely have many questions you would like answered before you make your decision.   One of the most asked questions regarding injections is “how long do anti-wrinkle injections last?” We will answer that question and break down the

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Beautiful woman wearing sun screen in summer

The Science Of Your Skin Episode 2:

Protect, Prevent & Repair Sun Damaged Skin Following on from last week’s harsh truth about the damage of UV rays, this week we will be diving into skin treatment, protection and repair options we provide at Face Fit, after all, it would be oh so rude to share all this info with you and not provide

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The Science Of Your Skin Episode 1: The Effects of UV Rays

The science of your skin. Remember, you’re in it for life! This month our goal is to hit you with some harsh truths about the science behind sun damage and what it is doing to your skin. We’re breaking it down into a three-part series, starting with the effects of UV rays on your skin. For

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Beautiful girl using exfoliating face wash

To Scrub Or Not To Scrub? That Is The Question

Exfoliation; the most misunderstood step in your beauty regime since EVER! We’ve seen it 100 times. Whether a friend has recommended a 3-step beauty routine that they swear by, or a sales assistant in the cosmetic department insists you purchase their exfoliant for optimum results (got to love the up-sell), or that you are like

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skin treatment

Great Skin Is Made In The Bathroom!

For all of us lucky enough to call the Gold Coast home we are blessed with endless blue skies and forever feeling the sun kissing our skin with warmth. That beach glow is a look that becomes effortlessly attained! Though with most good things in life there is a downside. What toll is this taking

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Client real story

Client Story: Lips Lips Lips

Before: Even as a confident young woman it can be difficult to not fixate and pick at your own flaws. We all have those one or two aspects of our physical appearance that we perhaps wish we could adjust. Thank god we live in a day and age where that has become possible. I have

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double chin

Fat Dissolving Treatment: Goodbye Double Chin

You know the frustration well, you see it every time you look at a photo of yourself. Pointing it out, poking at it, wishing it would disappear. The double chin, the gobble, the turkey neck, THE FAT THAT WON’T BUDGE! Can we get an Amen! You are not alone! Let’s make this clear, although often

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Client real story

Client Story: No More Resting B**** Face

BEFORE: Everyone has their insecurities. Towards the top of a long list of imperfections was my deep-set frown lines or “elevens” as the kids are calling it these days. This was something that I never thought would be a concern at the age of just 27. Since my teenage years, I have always been asked:

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micro needling spa gold coast treatment

FaceFit Introduces Skin Needling

Announcement time ladies and gentlemen! Face Fit is super excited to reveal one of our latest additions to our clinic line-up, skin needling with SkinPen. In addition to our many wonderful treatments available our latest procedure has us pumped for you. Cue happy dance! What you need to know First things first; What are the benefits of

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PRP and The Vampire Facial

Next on the Needling menu is the PRP (Protein Rich Plasma) facial! Hopefully you’ve had a read over our last blog taking you through the ins and outs of skin needling. So what’s the difference between PRP and skin needling you ask? It’s quite simple really and what it comes down to is your commitment

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I’m Peeling Delicious

We all know the satisfying feeling and softening results of a trusty old facial, however when it comes to correcting those stubborn skin problems sometimes that facial just won’t cut it. We’re talking about, acne and acne scarring, uneven skin tones, pigmentation, sun damage and those dreaded signs of ageing. Here to save face is

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Beautiful brunette girl getting a facial treatment in a clinic

What To Look For When Choosing A Cosmetic Clinic

What’s important when choosing your cosmetic clinic? With the non-surgical cosmetic industry forever expanding it can be difficult to know which clinic will be the right fit for you, and just like our treatments, we believe there is no one-size-fits all. We believe one of the most important factors here is finding a clinic with

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Pucker up ladies, let’s discuss the benefits of lip enhancement!

Our lips are up there as one of the most prominent features on our face, so naturally we want them to look their best. Todays tools and methods for lip augmentation have progressed to a point where practically everything can be reversed and, with minimal risk of allergic reaction, especially when it comes to enhancement,

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Beautiful healthy young woman

Everything You Need to Know About Dermal Blading!

CONTACT US LETS TALK ABOUT SHAVING YOUR FACE, YES LADIES WE’RE TALKING TO YOU! Who knew that shaving one’s face would become such a serious beauty movement?! We’re not surprised one bit with all the benefits involved. Known in the cosmetic industry as Dermal Blading, this treatment is taking over! We are loving it so much and

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