The Science Of Your Skin Episode 1: The Effects of UV Rays

The science of your skin. Remember, you’re in it for life! This month our goal is to hit you with some harsh truths about the science behind sun damage and what it is doing to your skin. We’re breaking it down into a three-part series, starting with the effects of UV...

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To Scrub Or Not To Scrub? That Is The Question

Exfoliation; the most misunderstood step in your beauty regime since EVER! We’ve seen it 100 times. Whether a friend has recommended a 3-step beauty routine that they swear by, or a sales assistant in the cosmetic department insists you purchase their exfoliant for...

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Great Skin Is Made In The Bathroom!

For all of us lucky enough to call the Gold Coast home we are blessed with endless blue skies and forever feeling the sun kissing our skin with warmth. That beach glow is a look that becomes effortlessly attained! Though with most good things in life there is a...

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Client Story: Lips Lips Lips

Before: Even as a confident young woman it can be difficult to not fixate and pick at your own flaws. We all have those one or two aspects of our physical appearance that we perhaps wish we could adjust. Thank god we live in a day and age where that has become...

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Fat Dissolving Treatment: Goodbye Double Chin

You know the frustration well, you see it every time you look at a photo of yourself. Pointing it out, poking at it, wishing it would disappear. The double chin, the gobble, the turkey neck, THE FAT THAT WON’T BUDGE! Can we get an Amen! You are not alone! Let’s make...

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Client Story: No More Resting B**** Face

BEFORE: Everyone has their insecurities. Towards the top of a long list of imperfections was my deep-set frown lines or “elevens” as the kids are calling it these says. This was something that I never thought would be a concern at the age of just 27. Since my teenage...

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FaceFit Introduces Skin Needling

Announcement time ladies and gentlemen! Face Fit is super excited to reveal one of our latest additions to our clinic line-up, skin needling with SkinPen. In addition to our many wonderful treatments available our latest procedure has us pumped for you. Cue happy...

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PRP and The Vampire Facial

Next on the Needling menu is the PRP (Protein Rich Plasma) facial! Hopefully you’ve had a read over our last blog taking you through the ins and outs of skin needling. So what’s the difference between PRP and skin needling you ask? It’s quite simple really and what it...

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I’m Peeling Delicious

We all know the satisfying feeling and softening results of a trusty old facial, however when it comes to correcting those stubborn skin problems sometimes that facial just won’t cut it. We’re talking about, acne and acne scaring, uneven skin tones, pigmentation, sun...

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What To Look For When Choosing A Cosmetic Clinic

What’s important when choosing your cosmetic clinic?  With the non-surgical cosmetic industry forever expanding it can be difficult to know which clinic will be the right fit for you, and just like our treatments, we believe there is no one-size-fits all. We believe...

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Everything You Need to Know About Dermal Blading!

Let’s talk about shaving your face, yes ladies we’re talking to you! Who knew that shaving one’s face would become such a serious beauty movement?! We’re not surprised one bit with all the benefits involved. Known in the cosmetic industry as Dermal Blading, this...

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Fantastic Work!


It was my first experience having any thing like this done. The results look natural and the team were very professional 

Steve, Gold Coast 



"Thank you Face Fit for my skin needling with plasma. I can highly recommend Face Fit
Look forward to seeing you again soon"

Brittany, Gold Coast



"Wow my lips look amazing and I didn't feel a thing, the nurse was so gentle"

Jess, Gold Coast 



"Thank you so much to the Face Fit team! Not only is your clinic beautiful and your treatments amazing, but the service you provide is impeccable and completely genuine which is so rare in this industry these days"

Elyse, Gold Coast 



"Today I had my first experience of lip fillers. 
Not only did they make me feel so comfortable they also baby sat my children while I got it all done. 
100% will be recommending to everyone. 
You girls are amazing! I love my new lips"

Shakirra, Gold Coast 


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